B R E A T H E   .   S k i n   &   B o d y                 

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SPRAY TAN Blackwood . Adelaide

NAKED TAN .  $35

I Have 4x Shades To Chose From . Catering For all Skin Types & Desired Out Comes . e.g. Light . Medium . Exotic & Chocolate !

Organic DHA . No Parabens . No Alcohol . Odour - Free 

A gorgeous shade available to suit every skin type

Sensational natural . BROWN colour - NOT orange!

Wash n wear in . 2 Hours for max colour . not waiting the usual 8 Hours

Quick drying . 2 minutes . not walking out of salon dripping wet or tacky

A Divine coconut . vanilla bean scent 

No damage or ageing to the skin from harmful UV 

Naked Tan Is made with a combination of the most natural ingredients . enriched with aloe vera to nourish and hydrate the skin . the coconut & vanilla beam extracts also give the solution a divine aroma . rapidly developing into a lovely natural tan.

* Disposable hair nets . bras & g-strings are available for your protection, comfort & modesty...